Thursday, 15 March 2012

Kitting out your Nursery - Baby Monitors

Kitting out your Nursery - Baby Monitors

Baby Monitors

I would certainly recommend that you get a baby monitor for the peace of mind that it gives you. What you get generally depends on how much money you want to spend but here are a few pointers:-

·         Digital or Analogue. Having used both I would say always go for a digital monitor. You don’t get the annoying fizz crackle with digital that you tend to get with analogue which can be very annoying. Also the sound quality is much much better. They are more expensive, but I think that some things are worth spending a bit more money on and a baby monitor is certainly one of those.
·         Video function. I never went for a video option but sometimes I thought that it would have come in handy for those times when you hear some noises coming from the nursery but don’t want to go in and investigate for fear of disturbing your little one.
·         Movement sensors. These consist of a mat which is placed beneath the bed sheet and alarms if your baby stops moving/breathing. I didn’t have one of these but if you are the sort of person that is a born worrier, and you think you will be kept awake at night worrying about the safety of your little one then I would recommend that you get one of these.
·         Other options. Our monitor has a night light on it which we use every night, also it is able to play five different lullabies which we have used on many occasions. Another useful feature is a room temperature gauge, ours let us know what the temperature was in the nursery and displayed it on the parent unit.

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