Friday, 16 March 2012

Kitting out your Nursery - Bathtime


I would recommend that you buy a small plastic bathtub to bathe your baby. It saves a lot of water compared to filling the main bath. We also bought a large flat sponge that our daughter would sit on making it nice and comfy, but its not essential. Its also good that you can use the bath anywhere you like,
DAD TIP: We tended to use the bath on the floor in the nursery as its then easy for both parents to sit either side of the bath and both help out. And certainly for the first few months it’s a lot easier to bathe your child with both parents.

That's the last of my "Kitting out your Nursery" blogs for the time being, I hope it has helped some people focus on what they need to buy to prepare for thier first baby.

Look out for my next blog which will focus on Travel Equipment.

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