Friday, 16 March 2012

Kitting Out your Nursery - Nappy Changing Area

Nappy Changing Area
Now I have to break it to you that you will be changing nappies, lots of them. So it makes sense to have a good work area to do this. You can buy purpose built chests of drawers with an integral changing area at the top. However we found that a traditional chest of drawers with a baby change mat on the top was sufficient.
Make sure that you buy a wipe-clean foam baby change mat that has nice high curving sides to it. This helps to stop baby from rolling around and makes the job a lot easier.
DAD TIP: Use the top drawer for things such as nappies, wet wipes cotton wool, lotions etc. so that everything is to hand when you are changing the nappy.

Comfy Chair

If you have the space it is a good idea to have a comfy chair in the nursery. We used ours most nights once our daughter had moved into her own room for night time bottle feeds.


Never underestimate just how many clothes you will acquire for your baby, especially in the first year when not only you are buying baby clothes, but all your relatives, friends workmates, neighbours etc. So a wardrobe is good idea to store all those clothes and blankets.
DAD TIP: Don’t bother buying clothes hangers, most of the baby clothes you buy will come with hangers, we bought hangers and now we have a big carrier bag full of spare hangers!

Nappy Bin

It is a good idea to have a bin for all your nappies. You can wrap your dirty nappies in plastic ‘nappy bags’ and throw into a normal bin. Or you can buy a special nappy bin that has an integral system that seals the nappies in plastic automatically. The second system is a lot more convenient but bear in mind that you need to replace the ‘plastic bag cartridge’ every so often which normally costs in region of £5, whereas you can buy a bag of 100 ‘nappy bags’ for about  50 pence.

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