Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Feeding - Bottles (Part 1)

Now I am not going to go into the discussion of whether you should be breastfeeding or not, this is a personal choice and all I would say is that whatever feels right usually is right. So if you are going to be bottle feeding here’s what you will need.


 Make sure you buy at least four bottles, as you will be constantly washing and filling them so the more spare bottles you have the better. As your baby wont be drinking too much milk in one go you can start off with the smaller bottles if you like, but you will eventually need to replace them with bigger bottles after about six months. You need to decide on what type of bottle/teat system you will be using, there are many different brands out there, but remember that the teats are graded in terms of the babies age.

DAD TIP: Try to get teats that have an air-inlet valve these allow the air to enter the bottle as the milk comes out of the bottle, helping things flow nicely.

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